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Terms & Conditions

Listening Ear Support Services is not a licensed facility for mental health. We know sometimes people just need someone to talk to, a "listening ear." We do not diagnose, treat, or give professional or medical advice. We are here for emotional and moral support. We are here for those who don't have anyone else to talk to. We know what it's like and want to support others.

Forums are meant to discuss and provide support to each other. In the event the forums are used in any form of bullying or degrading behavior, user will be blocked. Remember, we are all going through something. It's easier if we have a support system to help us through the rough times.

Listening Ear Support Services is not responsible or liable for any consequential, incidental, or direct damages (emotional, physical, or mental) caused in the event of communicating in the forum. The forum is for recreational use only and not to be use as a professional or medical alternative to seeking professional treatment. The forum will be regularly monitored, but in the event we have not yet seen any violations of our rules, please report them to us here.
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